Exploring Workspace Design in Lighting for Better Work Environments

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Workspace design in lighting

The modern workplace revolves around staff and their requirements to work efficiently, productively and without disruption. Workspace design trends in lighting and layout all look to create a positive experience for workers, in which they can get the job done. We spend approximately half of our waking hours in the workplace and so it needs to be somewhere we’re comfortable

Emergency Lighting – How You Can Make Yours More Energy Efficient

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Emergency lighting is necessary for all kinds of commercial and public buildings. However, the operational costs, however small they seem, do add up over time. Your first responsibility as a property owner should be to ensure the comfort and safety of your building’s occupants, but you’ll also be concerned with optimising the efficiency of your lighting so that you can

SwitchDIM Intelligent Lighting Configuration Guide

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Example of Linear LED System M-Line

Looking for information on how to wire up SwitchDIM, or for a SwitchDIM configuration guide? You’re in the right place! SwitchDIM Lighting – What It Is: Sometimes known as Touch Dim, SwitchDIM is a brand of Tridonic. Cost effective, easy to use, and effective in a wide variety of situations, it offers simple yet powerful lighting control options for small

How Did Daylight Saving Time Begin… and Is It Even Necessary Today?

Always a controversial subject, the changing of the clocks to Daylight Saving Time in Spring and Autumn has caused joy and annoyance in equal measures ever since its inception over 100 years ago. There are many who feel ‘robbed’ of an hour of sleep in Spring and then rejoice at the thought of an ‘extra hour’ in Autumn. Of course,

LED Lighting vs. Fluorescent Lighting – the Facts

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  56 years ago, the first working light-emitting diode was created by the GE scientist Nick Holonyak Jr. At the time, he was actually trying to create a laser – not something that would eventually replace the incandescent bulb. The LED therefore joins a long list of ‘accidental’ inventions that have entered the daily lives of millions of people –