10 Great Reasons Why Mount Lighting Shines Through

  1. Our speedy quotation service
  2. Fast product turnaround helping you meet important deadlines
  3. We offer sustainable energy saving solutions
  4. We offer a nationwide delivery service
  5. We offer intelligent lighting solutions
  6. UK manufactured products
  7. Expert technical advice
  8. Provide support the whole way through your lighting projects
  9. We have been established since 2000
  10. Dedicated account managers to look after all your requirements
The intelligent choice for lighting solutions..

Make Your Workspace Come to Life

Welcome to Mount Lighting, the home of innovative illumination.

At the heart of any breathtaking interior design is exceptional lighting.  As the nature of our work changes, so must the way in which we do it.  Workspaces are adapting to fit this more flexible approach to work and life.

Lighting is the one constant that has the power to transform a space at the flick of a switch – or the swipe of a finger.   With the right lighting, a single room or part of your office can serve multiple purposes – as a chill-out area in the morning, a high-energy area for working lunches at midday, and an impromptu meeting area in the afternoon.

Innovation That Works for You

Innovation is a word that is thrown around a lot these days.  Here at Mount Lighting, we have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with lighting for almost two decades.

In that time, installers and project managers have grown to know and love our luminaires, with their wide range of fitting options.  We’re intensely practical.  We understand that your lighting solution has to look good and work right out of the box.  Not only that, it has to be easy to maintain, and constructed so that it will last for many years.

We have a hard-won reputation for delivery a service and a solution that is design around you.  We fit our products and services around your project, instead of the other way around.

Time to Experience the Mount Difference for Yourself?

With so many companies that promise the world, we understand if you feel skeptical at this point.  Until you make contact with us, you will never know how much and trouble we could save you.  Why not get in touch right now?  We’re waiting for your call!

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