Attachable Microwave Detector (MV-01 ATT)

Microdetect MV-01-ATTThe MV-01-ATT Attachable Microwave Detector is a newer and more advanced Occupancy Sensor than the PIR – it works by emitting high-frequency electro-magnetic waves and then receives their echo. The sensor detects the change in echo from the slightest movement in the detection zone which commands a microprocessor to switch the light on.

Attachable Option

The Microdetect MV-01-ATT Microwave detector has been designed as an attachable version of the MV-01 to provide on/off switching control and is suitable for externally mounting on to many luminaire types using the 20mm threaded cable connection point.


Detection Field: Max 18m radius at 10m mounting height. Max mounting height 10m
Switching Power: Max. 800w (capacitive); Max. 1600w (resistive)
Hold Time: 10s /30s /90s /6min /20min/30min, can be customised
Detection Area: 10/25/50/75/100%, can be customised
Detection Angle: 30 – 150 Degrees
IP Rating: IP20

MV-01-ATT Graph