M-Line Wall Mounted Systems

• Aluminium extruded sections in 9 standard lengths
• Bespoke lengths available to order based on 140mm increments
• Colour options in 3000/4000/6000k
• Incorporates European branded LED drivers
• Up to 91 Lumens per circuit watt
• Direct/Indirect lighting options available
• Utilises latest generation long-life LEDs from
leading manufacturers
• Includes wall mounted brackets
• Opal polycarbonate diffuser
• Tuneable white and RGB options available
• Dimmable and emergency options available
• Compatible with eBlue wireless switching system
• Dual Switch option available


The wall mounted system utilises the same profile as our surface and suspended system, and is available in standard lengths up to 2824mm with bespoke lengths available to order. Wall mounting is achieved by directly fixing the supplied bracket to the wall and attaching through the side of the profile. Uplighting is available on lengths from 584mm upwards.

Typical Applications

General Office Areas, Conference Rooms, Reception Areas, Educational Facilities, Retail Units, Bars, Resturants, Hotels and Leisure Facilities and Residential properties.

Product CodeDescriptionLengthLamp ColourLumen OutputWatts
MLEW584Surface Direct / Indirect Light584mm4000k227025
MLEW864Surface Direct / Indirect Light864mm4000k340237
MLEW864Surface Direct / Indirect Light1144mm4000k454050
MLEW1424Surface Direct / Indirect Light1424mm4000k567462
MLEW1704Surface Direct / Indirect Light1704mm4000k681075
MLEW1984Surface Direct / Indirect Light1984mm4000k794687
MLEW2264Surface Direct / Indirect Light2264mm4000k908099
MLEW2544Surface Direct / Indirect Light2544mm4000k10214112
MLEW2824Surface Direct / Indirect Light2824mm4000k11350124
MLEW584/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light584mm4000k227024
MLEW864/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light864mm4000k340438
MLEW1144/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light1144mm4000k454050
MLEW1424/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light1424mm4000k567462
MLEW1704/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light1704mm4000k681074
MLEW1984/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light1984mm4000k794686
MLEW2264/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light2264mm4000k9080100
MLEW2544/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light2544mm4000k10214112
MLEW2824/DIR/INDSurface Direct / Indirect Light2834mm4000k11350

Control Options

/M3 Hour Maintained DALI Emergency
/MZ3 Hour Maintained DALI Emergency
/D1 - 10v Ballast
/DALIDALI/DSI Dimmable Ballast
/3K3000k LED
/6K6000k LED
RGBColour Changing LED


M-Line Wall Mounted Systems Specification Diagram