Replacement Batteries for Emergency Lighting

  • Stock Product – available for Next-Day Delivery
  • Special configurations and build-ups available
  • Stick formation supplied with ‘Fast On’ tags and leads as standard
  • Plate formation supplied with AMP plug connectors as standard
  • Ni-Cad and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries available

Typical Applications

  • Replacement of existing failed batteries within emergency luminaires
  • Manufacture of new Emergency Luminaires.

Battery Product Codes

Product CodeBattery TypeVoltage
MBS22-Cell Ni-Cad 4.0ah2.4 Volt
MBS33-Cell Ni-Cad 4.0ah3.6 Volt
MBS44-Cell Ni-Cad 4.0ah4.8 Volt
MBS55-Cell Ni-Cad 4.0ah6.0 Volt
MBS66-Cell Ni-Cad 4.0ah7.2 Volt
MBS3/NIMH3-Cell Nickel Metal-Hydride 4.0ah3.6 Volt
MBS4/NiMH4-Cell Nickel Metal-Hydride 4.0ah4.8 Volt
MBS5/NIMH5-Cell Nickel Metal-Hydride 4.0ah6.0 Volt
MBS6/NiMH6-Cell Nickel Metal-Hydride 4.0ah7.2 Volt

Schematic Image